okayama art summit 2022 岡山芸術交流 2022

okayama art summit 2022 岡山芸術交流 2022


"OK" mark is drawn in human characters. (Closing Event)



A lawn artwork by Rirkrit with the exhibition title "Do we dream under the same sky" trimmed into it.
To show our gratitude for this exhibition, which we enjoy being with so many people and to dream, we all gathered together on the lawn and formed the 'OK' mark in human characters!

The "OK" mark, formed by a total of about 200 people, is a must-see!

OK! let's meet on the Rirkrit lawn!!(12/6 NEW!!)

Time-lapse videos of the human-character production process are now available on the official Instagram of the Okayama Art Summit!
→Okayama Art Summit Instagram

We appreciate that many people participated in forming the "OK" mark.
Thank you for your cooperation!