okayama art summit 2022 岡山芸術交流 2022

okayama art summit 2022 岡山芸術交流 2022


Okayama Art Summit 2022

Held in Okayama City once every three years, the Okayama Art Summit is an international exhibition of contemporary art.
With Rirkrit Tiravanija taking the reins as artistic director, the Okayama Art Summit 2022 brings the artistic touch to various historical and cultural sites near Okayama Castle and Okayama Korakuen Garden for two months from 30 September to 27 November, 2022.
The event offers visitors the opportunity not only to see exciting exhibits but also to experience the thought processes of the artists, enabling a unique interaction with art that transcends time and space-all from the historic city of Okayama.

Though written out, without the question marking the end of the sentence, it’s only an opening to an idea.

In the past years, the with Global pandemic and the exertion of White Supremacy tendencies in the US as well as Nationalists Populist in many parts of the global world, I like for the exhibition to refocus our mindset and perspectives.

With many of these thoughts in mind, I like the potential of the next Okayama Art Summit to be focused on peripheral practices by artists whom may share in common their itinerant backgrounds. In itinerant, I mean that most of the artists in this selection are coming from cultural and social back grounds that is diverse. Though they may have their practices and their locations in the center of western artistic hegemony, we could understand that their positioning in that ( western ) hegemony, is based on their identification with positions other than western. That their lives and histories are constructed, in difference, to the west.

The dream here, is to dream in a sky of difference, in a sky of multiplicity, of narratives of representation that is peripheral to the western canon. That the dream is for us ( the participants and the viewer ) to experience representations, which are outside of our normative position. That the dream can open us to stories and lives and ways of thinking, looking, hearing, being, existing beyond the hopes, the aspirations, and dreams that we ourselves are touched by in our daily structures.

Rirkrit Tiravanija
Name of event
Okayama Art Summit 2022
Do we dream under the same sky
30 September (Friday) to 27 November (Sunday), 2022 [51 days]
Opening hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (admission until 4:30 pm)
Closed: Mondays (Open 10 October (Monday, holiday) closed Tuesday in lieu)
10 places
Former Uchisange Elementary School, Tenjinyama Cultural Plaza of Okayama Prefecture, Okayama Orient Museum, Cinema Clair Marunouchi, Hayashibara Museum of Art, Okayama Korakuen Garden, Okayama Shrine, Ishiyama Park, Okayama Castle, Okayama Tenmaya
Opening hours

Former Uchisange Elementary School9:00 am - 5:00 pm (admission until 4:30 pm)

Tenjinyama Cultural Plaza of Okayama Prefecture9:00 am - 5:00 pm (admission until 4:30 pm)

Okayama Orient Museum9:00 am - 5:00 pm (admission until 4:30 pm)

Hayashibara Museum of Art10:00 am - 5:00 pm (admission until 4:30 pm)

Okayama Korakuen Garden 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Okayama Castle4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Okayama Shrine9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Okayama Tenmaya8:00 am - 7:30 pm

28 artists
Rasel Ahmed / Art Labor in collaboration with Jrai artists / Wang Bing / Daniel Boyd / Lygia Clark / Abraham Cruzvillegas / ENKU / Ryoji Ikeda / Mari Katayama / My-Linh Le / David Medalla / Asif Mian / Precious Okoyomon / Frida Orupabo / Vandy Rattana / Bárbara Sánchez-Kane / Aki Sasamoto / Jacolby Satterwhite / Shimabuku / Yutaka Sone / Apichatpong Weerasethakul / Haegue Yang

[Event]Gert Robijins / PEPPERLAND

[Group]OVERCOAT / Shu Isezaki (Bizen) ・Smith Ethan Shogo・De'Andre Kiguchi(Ujo Bori)

[Performance]Untitled Band (Shun Owada and friends)

Management structure
Okayama Art Summit Executive Committee(Okayama City, Ishikawa Foundation, Okayama Prefecture)
Masao Omori, Mayor of Okayama City
Vice Chairmen
Yuuji Yokota, Vice-Governor, Okayama Prefecture
Hisashi Matsuda, President, Okayama Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Executive Producer
Yasuharu Ishikawa, President, Ishikawa Foundation
Executive Director
Taro Nasu, Owner, TARO NASU
Artistic Director
Rirkrit Tiravanija, Artist
Public Program Director
Chieko Kinoshita, Associate Professor, Osaka University
Design Director
Shun Kawakami, founder, artless Inc
Takeshi Wake, Chairman, Okayama city council
Hirofumi Makino, President, Okayama University
Masato Miyanaga, Chairman, Chugoku Bank
Affiliated Entities
Okayama City, Okayama City Board of Education,Okayama Prefecture, Okayama Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Okayama Visitors & Convention Association, Okayama Culture Zone Liaison Council, The Consortium of Universities in Okayama, Sanyo Shimbun, RSK Sanyo Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Okayama Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Setouchi Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Okayama Bus Association, Okayama Taxi Association, West Japan Railway Company, Inoue Certified Public Accountant's Office, Chugoku Bank, Okayama cultural arts Creation Foundation, and Ishikawa Foundation