okayama art summit 2022 岡山芸術交流 2022

okayama art summit 2022 岡山芸術交流 2022


Enjoy Art Tour with Children Navigator was held



On November 6, Sunday, the "Enjoy Art Tour with Child Navigators" was held at the former Uchisange Elementary School. This tour, in which children navigate adults, was attended by third to sixth graders gathered from the public.

They chose their favorite artworks through viewing artworks at the October workshop and practiced "how to convey the appeal of the artworks" while actually walking around the venue at the workshop the day before, before taking on the challenge of the actual event.

On the day of the tour, a total of 18 child navigators were divided into groups of three and navigated a total of about 40 adults, deepening their understanding of the artworks by sharing their own opinions and eliciting the opinions of the participants in front of their favorite artworks.

Participating navigators commented that they had learnt the pleasure of hearing opinions that differed from their own, while tour participants said that they had gained a deeper understanding of the artworks by learning about the children's ideas and unique perspectives.